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We have a number of super supportive clients that have been with us from the start of this journey and we now we are building for scale. Come and join the movement of change!

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We have been using the My Product Path solution since January 2021 and from the very start, we realised that the platform was unique. I love the design of the system; it is very easy to use and automates a large % of the hiring journey and as importantly improves overall experience and quality.

SaleCycle Head of Product

Sales Cycle

My Product Path's unique and intelligence-driven platform means SaleCycle was able to source, assess and onboard new team members at an unrivalled total cost, quality and speed of recruitment.

SaleCycle is the leading UK-based global Behavioral Marketing firm. It works with online companies to reconnect with customers they’ve lost online, providing On-Site Remarketing and Email Remarketing solutions or application forms with dynamic and personalized messages in real-time.

The Outcomes

Using the myproductpath platform, salecycle have reduced several key recruitment metrics:


reduction in the total
cost of recruitment


reduction in total
time to onboard


of hires pass probation
resulting in quality employees


The myproductpath platform automated the sourcing and assessment of candidates and provided a streamlined online user journey for both candidates and salecycle:

The total cost of recruitment: Transparent competitive pricing and reduced internal resource utilised

Total speed to
onboard: Onboarded
within 2-week cycle

Total quality of hires:Cultural and competency assessment, valid by industry expert ensure high quality of candidates

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